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Asus Z87-K DDR3 1600 Lga 1150 Motherboard

Consumer Rating 5
Z87K DDR3 1600 Lga 1150 Motherboard


Model: Z87-K
UPS: 886227498789
Package Quantity: 1

Asus Z87-K DDR3 1600 Lga 1150 Motherboard is a good gadget, boast exactly how much of a computer expert your are. A list of feature characteristics are asus exclusive usb 3. 0 boost, asus fan xpert 2 and asus digi+ vrm - digital power design. The ASUS motherboard dimensions are 12.91"H x 2.09"L x 10.35"W. It weighs approximately 1.05 lbs. There's lots of brands that produce electronics, with all the choices supplying diverse price levels. When selecting a ASUS motherboard, consider a guarantee. It ought to have a normal warranty, whether it is thirty days or even an entire 12 months. Remember that extended warranties can be acquired, but they come at a price and are almost always not needed. Utilizing the web only one or two clicks away it is possible to conduct as little or as much investigation on the merchandise that you are wanting to get. Best deal for the z87-k ddr3 1600 lga.


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