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Asus Q87M-E/CSM DDR3 1600 Lga 1156 Motherboard

Consumer Rating 5
Q87MECSM DDR3 1600 Lga 1156 Motherboard


Model: Q87M-E/CSM
UPS: 886227457885
Package Quantity: 1

The Q87M-E/CSM DDR3 1600 is a nice product in the event you looking to buy a brand new MB for the pc. The special features include asus digi+ vrm - digital power design and asus exclusive usb 3. 0 boost. The MB is 10.63" Height x 2.03" Length x 10.24" Width. It has got a weight of 2.1 lbs. I would like for you to get the best price when you buy a MB.


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