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Asus P9X79 Le Lga 2011 Intel X79 Sata 6GB/S Usb 3. 0 Atx Intel Motherboard

P9X79 Le Lga 2011 Intel X79 Sata 6GB/S5 Star Rating
P9X79 Le Lga 2011 Intel X79 Sata 6GBSAsus P9X79 Le Lga 2011 Intel X79 Sata 6GBS Usb 3 0 Atx Intel Motherboard Image 1Asus P9X79 Le Lga 2011 Intel X79 Sata 6GBS Usb 3 0 Atx Intel Motherboard Image 2Asus P9X79 Le Lga 2011 Intel X79 Sata 6GBS Usb 3 0 Atx Intel Motherboard Image 3
P9X79 Le Lga 2011 Is A Terrific Gadget Express Precisely How Much Of A Pc Geek Your Are

For everybody who is looking to purchase a ASUS motherboard We have assembled some good information. The P9X79 Le Lga 2011 manufactured by Asus is a wonderful item. P9X79 LE is the product number for this excellent ASUS motherboard. It's 13" Height x 10.5" Length x 3" Width and weighs roughly 2.6 lbs. Purchasing the P9X79 Le Lga 2011.

What is the manufacturer for P9X79 Le Lga 2011 Intel X79 Sata 6GB/S? asus intel sata motherboard chipset supporting

Price: $232.99
Brand: Asus
Model: P9X79 LE
UPC: 610839187355

The ASUS P9X79 LE motherboard features the Intel X79 chipset supporting the Intel LGA2011 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processors. EPU conserves energy by intelligently moderating power and load needs in real-time while TPU supplies intelligent system scaling for incredible increases in platform performance while retaining stability. With AMD Quad-GPU Cross Fire X and NVIDIA 3-Way an Quad-GPU SLI support, the ASUS P9X79 LE gives scalable graphics performance for the gaming and personal computer enthusiast or the graphical designer wanting to harness additional GPU Compute power in leading media applications. ASUS is pleased to introduce another winner in the highly regarded P9X79 Series, once again offering a mainstream solution employing the exclusive Dual Intelligent Processors 3 technology integrated with new DIGI+ Power Control - capable of achieving most precise adjustment, enhanced performance and stability, and O. C. capacity for CPU and RAM. With DIGI+ Power Control, users can adjust their system to be very efficient, providing consistent power delivery to reach higher performance on the X79 platform than any other vendors out there!


  • ASUS USB 3. 0 Boost enables 3 different types of modes (Normal, Turbo, UASP) enhancing overall read/write performance of any USB 3. 0 devices being connected to the system by expanding the data size in every transmission.
  • This motherboard also provides 100% Support for the next generation OS, Win8, which provides users with Upgraded Hardware and Native BIOS Support, and 2 second Fast Boot comparable to Ultra-books.
  • Offering a Total BIOS Solution, ASUS' groundbreaking UEFI BIOS simplifies platform settings for users with an EZ tuning mode, while offering advanced users an easy to use graphical interface that offers unparalleled performance enhancement options.
  • Qty: 1
  • Product Dim.: Height: 13" Length: 10.5" Depth: 3"
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 3.2" Length: 13.6" Width: 10.7"
  • Package: 3.55 lbs.

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