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Asus P8Z77-V Lga 1155 Intel Z77 Hdmi Sata 6GB/S Usb 3. 0 Atx Intel Motherboard

Consumer Rating 5
P8Z77V Lga 1155 Intel Z77 Hdmi Sata
Asus P8Z77V Lga 1155 Intel Z77 Hdmi Sata 6GBS Usb 3 0 Atx Intel Motherboard Image 1Asus P8Z77V Lga 1155 Intel Z77 Hdmi Sata 6GBS Usb 3 0 Atx Intel Motherboard Image 2Asus P8Z77V Lga 1155 Intel Z77 Hdmi Sata 6GBS Usb 3 0 Atx Intel Motherboard Image 3


Model: P8Z77-V
UPS: 610839185771
Package Quantity: 1

Choosing ASUS Intel motherboards? Examine the P8Z77-V Lga 1155 Intel Z77 Hdmi Sata by Asus. One of the many best attributes for this item is the tpm header features enhanced data security protection. The ASUS motherboard dimensions are 2.89"H x 13.89"L x 11.81"W and has a weight of 3.46 lbs. Awesome deal on P8Z77-V Lga 1155 Intel Z77 Hdmi Sata, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

The ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard attributes the Intel Z77 chipset supporting the Intel LGA1155 3rd/2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processors. With TPM header, data security is greatly enhanced on the P8Z77-V. This latest hybrid graphics boost technologies fully utilizes fast-computing i GPU and discrete graphics cards in your system to create as much as a 60% discrete graphics boost performance! ASUS offers this top-tier platform-leading solution with the exclusive Dual Intelligent Processors 3 technologies integrated featuring new SMART DIGI+ Power Control - capable of achieving most precise adjustment, enhanced performance and stability, and O. C. capacity for CPU and RAM. Fan Xpert 2 intelligently supplies optimized settings for each fan on your Computer and controls fan rotation speeds. 0 for AMD Cross Fire X and NVIDIA SLI assistance. EPU conserves energy by intelligently moderating energy and load specifications in real-time while TPU offers intelligent system scaling for incredible increases in platform performance while retaining stability. The Z77 Series motherboards features the newest Lucid Virtu MVP software with Hyper Formance technology, optimizing graphics performance by delivering outstanding gaming responsiveness, sharper visual quality and improved frame rates all with low power consumption. Intel 3rd generation Core processors supports PCIe 3. The ASUS P8Z77-V provides scalable graphics performance for the gaming and computer enthusiast or the graphical designer wanting to harness additional GPU Compute power in top media applications. With SMART DIGI+, users can adjust their system to be very efficient, providing consistent energy delivery to reach higher performance on the Z77 platform than any other vendors out there!


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