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Asus P6X58D Premium - Lga 1366 - X58 - DDR3 - Usb 3. 0 Sata 6 Gb/s - Atx Motherboard

P6X58D Premium5 Star Rating
P6X58D PremiumAsus P6X58D Premium Lga 1366 X58 DDR3 Usb 3 0 Sata 6 Gbs Atx Motherboard Image 1Asus P6X58D Premium Lga 1366 X58 DDR3 Usb 3 0 Sata 6 Gbs Atx Motherboard Image 2Asus P6X58D Premium Lga 1366 X58 DDR3 Usb 3 0 Sata 6 Gbs Atx Motherboard Image 3
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P6X58D Premium the top ASUS Intel motherboards enhancement. Among the many features is the true asus 16+2 phase power design unprecedented innovation with the best quality component for best performance. The part number for this is 4719543173909. The MB weighs around 5.45 lbs. Online deals for P6X58D Premium. For the greatest offer for this ASUS motherboard or other items, click on our partners via the link.

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Brand: Asus
UPC: 610839173907

First X58 platform motherboard to be ready for the subsequent generation storage and peripheral devices, the ASUS P6X58D Premium can totally unleash accurate USB 3. Fitted with the super-precise Turbo V program, you can easily boost your CPU and system performance - in real-time. comLearn MoreTo Get the Best, Start with Xtreme DesignASUS True 16+2 Phase Power Design The P6X58D Premium is built according to the groundbreaking 16+2 phase VRM design. View larger. C.) /1600/1333/1066 MHz Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory - Triple channel memory architecture 6 x DIMM, Max. By embedding 2 ounces of copper in its PCB and also extra layers of PBC, it properly and noiselessly transfers heat generated by the critical components to the other side from the specially designed PCB (printed circuit board) for powerful heat dissipation - making temperatures cooler by as much as 36° F/20° C. 32nm - 6-core Intel CPU Ready The P6X58D Premium is also ready for the next generation 32nm, 6-core Intel CPUs. C.) /1600/1333/1066 MHz Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory - Triple channel memory architecture Power Phase 16+2 Xtreme Phase 16+2 Xtreme Phase 8+2 Xtreme Phase PCIe 2. 0 x16 slots, you can enjoy the best in multi-GPU graphics technology with NVIDIA 3-Way SLI or ATI Quad-GPU Cross Fire X while ensuring optimal airflow between the graphics cards. View bigger. What's within the BoxThe entire ASUS P6X58D Premium package contains the following:P6X58D Premium motherboardUser's manual4 x Serial ATA 3. 24GB DDR3 2000 (O. As soon as the desired overclocking settings happen to be achieved, you can conserve the settings into preset profiles for quick and easy switching between presets for instant overclocking or power saving."- Pureoverclock. 8Gbps. 0 12x USB 2. The ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard features Intel's X58 chipset supporting the most recent LGA 1366 processors, including the newest Intel 32nm 6-core processors. 0 components. ASUS Xtreme Design offers the best performance, safety and reliability via ASUS exclusive innovations including Xtreme Phase and Turbo V. The 16+2 Xtreme Phase and Stack Cool 3+ specially developed PCB layers give a cool and stable platform for breaking the latest overclocking records. 0Gb/s cables1 x 2-port USB 2."- Overclockers Club. a really great all-around board that is far more than capable of satisfying most consumers. I have no hesitation recommending this board to each power user looking to upgrade. 0 and SATA 6 Gb/s bandwidth to speed up file transfers by up to 50%. ASUS Xtreme Design with User Friendly Layout. Additionally, get enhanced scalability, faster data retrieval, and double the bandwidth of current bus systems. True USB 3. 0/ e SATA moduleASUS Q-Shield2-in-1 Q-Connector1 x Optional Fan for water-cooling or passive-cooling only1 x ASUS 3-Way SLI bridge connector1 x ASUS SLI bridge connectorSupport Disc: Drivers, Anti-virus software program (OEM version) , ASUS Update, ASUS UtilitiesSpecifications: P6T/P6X58D SeriesModel: P6X58D Premium P6X58D-E P6T CPU Socket LGA 1366 for Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition/Core i7 Processor LGA 1366 for Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition/Core i7 Processor LGA 1366 for Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition/Core i7 Processor Chipset Intel X58 /ICH10R Intel X58 /ICH10R Intel X58 /ICH10R Memory 6 x DIMM, Max. 0 Support The very first motherboard to become officially certified by the USB-IF to assistance USB 3. 24GB DDR3 2000 (O. With Xtreme Phases along with the Stack Cool 3+ combined, you can expect an even lower system temperature and more performance from the new 6-core processors. Up to 36° F (20° C) Cooler - Stack Cool 3+ Stack Cool 3+ is truly a fanless cooling solution offered exclusively by ASUS. For your daily tasks, the P6X58D Premium also proves to be an amazingly dependable motherboard for your high performance needs. 0 technology, the P6X58D Premium gives you the latest in peripheral connectivity standard for an ultra-fast data transfer at 4. C.) /1600/1333/1066 MHz Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory - Triple channel memory architecture 6 x DIMM, Max. WarrantyThe P6X58D Premium carries a 3 year restricted item warranty. By selecting saved settings in profiles, you can quickly boost your general system performance to match the speed needed for your demanding applications, on-the-fly. 0 x16 Slots 3 (at x16/x8/x8 or x16/x16/x1 mode) 3 (at x16/x8/x8 or x16/x16/x1 mode) 3 (at x16/x16/x4 mode) Multi-GPU ATI Quad-GPU Cross Fire X / NVIDIA 3-Way SLI ATI Quad-GPU Cross Fire X / NVIDIA 3-Way SLI ATI Quad-GPU Cross Fire X / NVIDIA 3-Way SLI Gbit LAN x2 with AI NET2 x1 with AI NET2 x1 with AI NET2 Audio 8-ch HD, DTS 8-ch HD, DTS 8-ch HD, DTS Storage 2x SATA 6 Gb/s6x SATA 3Gb/s1x e SATA 6x SATA 3Gb/s1x e SATA 6x SATA 3Gb/s2x SATA 3Gb/s with Drive Xpert1x e SATA1x Ultra DMA 133/100/66 USB 8x USB 2. 0 and SATA 6 Gb/s, your ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard can transfer movies, music, and backup files up to 50% faster. 0 1394a Firewire 2 ports 2 ports 2 ports Features: Turbo V Yes Yes Yes Turbo Key No No No Xtreme Phase Yes Yes Yes Express Gate Yes (SSD, 5 second start-up) Yes Yes Mem OK! Key FeaturesASUS Xtreme Design featuring Xtreme Phase, Express Gate SSD and Stack Cool 3+16+2 Xtreme Phases supplies effective cooling and increased reliability for better overclocking margins*Turbo V tool with super-precise voltage tuning intervals for precise and optimal overclocking settings - in real-timeStack Cool 3+ provides passive cooling with as much as 36° F cooler by way of its 2 ounce copper PCB layers and two extra PCB layersExpress Gate SSD for instant access to Internet and multimedia enjoyment (5 seconds from cold boot) TRUE SATA 6 Gb/s and USB 3. The extra fine adjustments is able to provide you with optimized performance while achieving rock solid stability. 02v intervals. 0Gb/s cables2 x Serial ATA 6. comGold Award - ". automatically troubleshoots memory default profile and boots from safe-modeReady for next-generation 32nm 6-core Intel LGA 1366 processors3-Way SLI / Quad-GPU Cross Fire X support bringing you the best in Multi-GPU graphics technologyTriple Channel DDR3 2000 (overclocked) /1600/1333/1066 MHz support for taking performance towards the subsequent levelDual Gigabit Ethernet ports allowing teaming function for doubling the bandwidthReviews and Awards:Great Hardware - ". ASUS item warranty is depending on the serial quantity printed on the box. Break new planet records or just get the performance you need for the latest games you wish to play. Its DDR3 Dual-channel Memory Architecture at speeds of as much as 2000MHz (overclocked) offers exceptional performance to gamers and enthusiasts. Wide Array of Inputs and Outputs. With correct USB 3. This advanced overclocking tool provides micro-adjustment intervals for key components' voltages and frequency, permitting fine-tuning to develop to be twice as precise than other remedy. 0 + 2x USB 3. With the evenly spread out 3x PCIe 2. 24GB DDR3 2000 (O. 02v) adjustments of voltages. 0 throughput allows for transfer of files as drastically as 50% fasterMem OK! 0 and SATA 6 Gb/s PerformanceTrue SATA 6Gb/s Support Supporting next-generation Serial ATA (SATA) storage interface, this motherboard delivers as much as 6. correct USB 3. The 16+2 phase power design, 16-phase for v Core and extra 2-phase for Memory controller inside CPU, can provide the highest power efficiency, and hence generates less heat to efficiently enhance the overclocking capability. 0Gb/s data transfer rates. Yes Yes Yes EPU Yes Yes Yes Stack Cool 3+ (2+2oz) Yes -- -- Stack Cool 3 -- Yes Yes Built to connect very easily with next generation components and peripherals, USB 3. 0 transfers information 10X quicker and is also backward compatible with USB 2. 0/2. 0 8x USB 2. With the high top quality energy components for example low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes with lower hysteresis loss and 100% Japan-made high good quality conductive polymer capacitors, ASUS 16+2 phase VRM design also ensure longer component life and minimum energy loss. Featuring ASUS' exclusive Turbo V technology, you can now overclock and boost the system performance in real-time with ease making use of the micro-interval (0. 0 + 2x USB 3. Quick and Super-Precise TuningWhether you are a very initial time overclocker or wanting to break the subsequent globe record, you will appreciate the complete yet simple to use overclocking tools that comes with the P6X58D Premium. The easy to make use of interface provides tuning capability for the CPU PPL, NB, NB-PCIe, and DRAM voltages in 0.


  • ASUS Turbo V New OC Records with Real-Time Super-precise Tunings
  • USB 3. 0 and SATA 6Gb/s RAID Support -Fully unleash USB 3. 0 and SATA 6Gb/s bandwidth
  • Stack Cool 3+ Effective Fanless Heat Dissipation at 0d B. Up to 20 ° C(36 ° F) Cooler!
  • True ASUS 16+2 Phase Power Design Unprecedented Innovation with the Best Quality Component for Best Performance
  • ASUS Fanless Design - Heat-pipe solution
  • Qty: 1
  • Weight: 5.45 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 4.4" Length: 14.5" Width: 12.3"
  • Package: 5.45 lbs.

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