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Asus LGA1356 Intel C602-A Pch DDR3 SATA3 V&2GB E Server Motherboard Z9NA-D6C

Consumer Rating 5
LGA1356 Intel C602A Pch DDR3 SATA3 V2GB


Model: Z9NA-D6C
UPS: 610839187232
Package Quantity: 1

The LGA1356 Intel C602-A a great item by Asus is an excellent item for the computer. Among the many best characteristics for this MB is the sata: 4x sata2   ports, 2x sata3 ports, support raid 0, 1, 5, 10(windows). Other features include chipset: intel c602-a pch. It's dimensions are 10.75" Height x 13.25" Length x 2.25" Width and weighs something like 4.37 lbs. Best deal on LGA1356 Intel C602-A.


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