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Asus Intel C202 Atx DDR3 1066 Lga 1155 Socket Motherboards P8B-C/4L

Consumer Rating 5
Intel C202 Atx DDR3 1066 Lga 1155 Socket


ASIN: B004V9468I
Model: P8B-C/4L
UPS: 610839180479
Package Quantity: 1

Looking for AsRock motherboard? The Intel C202 Atx DDR3 brought to you by Asus is a fantastic solution! I certainly liked that the item has the feature of ports: 7x usb 2. 0 ports(2 rear, 4 by header, 1 type an usb connector) 2x ps/2 ports 1x vga port 4x rj45 lan ports. Additional features consist of lga 1155, chipset: intel c202 and form factor: atx. The AsRock motherboard is 9.6"H x 12"L x 3.2"W. Great deal on Intel C202 Atx DDR3. I would like you to get the best price and service when selecting a main board!


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