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Asus DDR3 1333 So-dimm Bga 1023 Motherboard C8HM70-I/HDMI

Consumer Rating 5
DDR3 1333 Sodimm Bga 1023 Motherboard


Model: C8HM70-I/HDMI
UPS: 886227375783
Package Quantity: 1

It is well known how fantastic and convenient it can be purchasing on the web. Comparing prices for a ASUS motherboard? Look into the DDR3 1333 So-dimm by Asus. I really loved that it has faster data transmission, 2x the bandwidth of sata 3gb/s. The UPC for this is 886227375783. It's dimensions are 7.17"H x 8.9"L x 2.36"W. Buy the ddr3 1333 sodimm bga 1023 motherboard. Should you need a great deal for this motherboard, click on our affilate button on this site.


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